Saturday, September 19, 2009

Seeing Pink!!!

My husband is the greatest! For our anniversary my honey gave me some spending money. This allowed me to get two really fun toys that I have been wanting. The first purchase was a Babylock Imagine Serger. This is a pretty expensive serger but the sewing store I went to happened to have an out of the box one. A customer had it for a couple of days and decided she wanted the 8 thread (mine is a 4 thread) instead. The store couldn't sell it as new again, so I ended up getting an unbelievable price on it. I am very exited about having this machine, but I am also intimidated and haven't taken the plunge and used it. I just ordered a bunch of books on sergering from the library, so once I pick those up I should be good to go.

Now!! The second toy, (and boy is this a toy) is the Cricut Expression made by Provocraft. I couldn't have had better timing as far as being able to purchase the Cricut. Why, you ask? Well, Michael's Craft Store and Provocraft teamed up to put out a Pink Cricut Expression. This is the Pink Journey bundle and fifty dollars will be sent to the Susan B. Komen Foundation for every one that is sold. I couldn't resist getting the pink expression, especially since it was on sale. Pink really is my favorite color and I really don't have enough pink in my life. I have done a few things with it but nothing post worthy. There is so much inspiration out there so I know I will create something in no time. I just wanted to share my excitement with you all...

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Jennifer said...

I can't wait to see what you create with the Cricut and I want to come down to scrap with you, so I can use it too! hee-hee.