Friday, March 20, 2009

"Look at those CURLS!!!"

My son is cute! I am totally and utterly convinced of this. What makes him cute you ask? Well just about everything, his expressions, his smile, his little dimples, how he says "mama" his....okay, okay I will stop now! Oh but I must add one other thing to this abbreviated list and that is his curls. His curls draw so much attention and will stop the average shopper in there tracks. I will hear "Look at those CURLS!!" about 10 to 15 times while running errands. This doesn't surprise me, I love his curls too, and I run my fingers through his little head often. I was so loving his curls last night that I had to take about a dozen pictures of them. Yes, of his curls and just of his curls!! I did get a few of his adorable face by default...I am obsessed with his little curls and I want to enjoy them for as long as he has them. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will last, however both Noelle and Abigail lost their curls with their first haircut. There is a little bit of a difference between his curls and that is when his hair is wet is stays curly, theirs didn't.. well enough about me talking about his beautiful curls..

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Loving Mamarazzi's Favorite Things Swap....

I participated in the Mamarazzis Favorite Things Swap (click on the button above to see all the great participates) and was partnered up with Holly from I Heart Bowheads blog. You can see what I sent to Holly here. I had so much picking out some of my favorite things for Holly and I really hope she enjoys them. Today was my turn to see what Holly sent me. I got home and the mailman was right at my driveway ready to deliver my goodies. I couldn't open it right away since I had to feed my two little ones and put Mason down for a nap, but then the fun began. I went outside to open it to provide better lighting for the pictures. When I first opened the box this is what I saw:

I should have taken a picture of Abigail playing with it but I was having to much fun unwrapping my gifts. Ones I removed the packing I got to these fun little packages, each one was labeled to explain why they were her favorites.

The labels were awesome and I had fun trying to guess what would be revealed.

Here is what I got: Blue is what was on the label....
My Favorite thing to have a lot of around the house: a pair of scissors- This is perfect because I am always needing scissors, I really don't know how those things always disappear.
My Favorite Candy Bar: A KIT-KAT- this lasted about 2 seconds, yummy!
My Favorite Lotion: Bath and Body Works Cotton Blossom- This is a lovely scent and is perfect for spring.
My Favorite Stationary: A really cute "all about me" note pad set- So cute and the colors of pink and black were perfect!
My Favorite Goop: Covergirl Liptint- The shade is actually my shade and I will be wearing it tomorrow. I love that she called it goop too!
My Favorite thing to have when I look tired: Covergirl concealer-I have been needing one of these for the longest time. My Must Have make-up: waterproof mascara- It is amazing how a little thing like mascara and just mascara can make you look complete!
My favorite Hard Candy: Werther's Originals- I have to say I absolutely love this candy, I don't ever treat myself to it other then when it is offered in a candy dish. I am hiding these babies!! and last was a wonderfully fragrant candle in Cinnamon Spice. Which is one of my favorite scents in a candle. I have to say Holly you completely spoiled me. So much thought was put into each item and these truly are some of my own favorite things, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I do have to say the best part of this whole swap was making a new friend. Holly I hope we stay in contact because I have enjoyed our little chats over the last few days!! Thank you again to Mamarazzi for hosting such a fun and unique event!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Moving through Life....

Life happens quickly, one minute you are posting a picture of your son eating spaghetti the next you are packing up your house to move in less then 3 days. We were very blessed to have our house sell. Typically when a house sells you have at least a month or so to pack and find a place to live. We however sold our house in a short-sale transaction. Our house was on the market with an offer since October, but the bank approval didn't come through until just after I posted last. Once the approval is in you have until the end of the month which at that point was less then 10 days to complete paper work and everything else. It was very stressful there for a while because as we were packing up our house needing to vacate in 3 days we didn't have a place to live. My husband and I looked at several houses to rent and found one that we both liked. At the last minute there seemed to be an issue with the house and we checked in to a hotel. We were fully prepared to live there until we found a suitable house, but luckily everything got resolved and we moved into our new house on March 1st.

Things could have been much worse but we had my mother-in-law, Marianne. She is an amazing mom, grandma, and person. She lives in NY and when I was pregnant she came out for the birth of both little moos and each time stayed to take care our family for 3 weeks...WOW!! I talk to my Marianne several times a week, sometimes I think I talk her ear off, no we don't have the typical in-law stories and I am so glad. So it shouldn't surprise me that the minute she found out we were moving she booked a flight from NY to come and help set up our new home. Not many people would drop everything and do that, but she did. We were able to enjoy her company for a week. Each time she has come out to visit us, I get a little down for a few days after she leaves. She is so great with the kids and I love having someone around to talk to. I don't know how she did it but she was able to get Abigail to bed every night in her own bed. She went home on Monday and Abigail has been in our bed since.... that will be left for another post!
Anyways if it wasn't for her I am certain we would still be living out of boxes.

Things were chaotic and although everything is unpacked my life still feels a little off kilter. I haven't found my routine and I am still feeling uprooted. 8 miles is not much but that is how much further we moved from my old house. Getting Noelle to school really hasn't added to much more to my commute since it is mostly freeway. Abigail's preschool was 2 minutes from my old house now it is over 15. I checked for preschools close to my house but they are almost $500 more, yes, $500 more. I rarely go on Facebook, not reading my blogs much, haven't done much socialzing and as I type this I am realizing that I am feeling a little more then just down. I know it will pass but geez.....

On another note kind of relating to my Stepping out of my Shell post I felt very loved by two of my friends. The day of the move Jennifer who lives 2 hours away, had left a message for me saying she would come down and watch the kids, and my friend Michelle (who is a new friend of 6 months) did take in both my little ones for over 8 hours. It was a last minute call and she accepted with such an open heart. She was really there for me. To top it off, Noelle had a friends birthday party that night and when Noelle and I arrived to pick up the kids, Michelle dropped Noelle off at party. I know I need a kick in the butt sometimes but that really openned my eyes to what friendship truly means and is. I need to really get my act together and start nurturing these a bit more!!! Well my little man is sleeping and I have a shower to take and phone call to make.... I will post again soon!