Monday, January 11, 2010

Choo-Choo!! My little boy's 2!!

What can I tell you about Mason, he is such a joy in my life. He is loving, silly, sensitive, full of life, loves the outdoors, outspoken (as much as a 2 year old can be). He is the one who took to breastfeeding, sleeping, not making much of a fuss and just being a great baby. I thought for sure this meant he was going to be my sweet, little boy who is going to love books, music, sitting on mommies lap, quite, screech... ummm.. seriously what was I thinking!! Mason is 100% all boy, he loves vroom-vroom cars, choo-choo trains, throwing his food on the floor, chasing his sister with dirt, eating dirt, eating sand, and on and on, did I mention he likes to eat dirt? He absolutely loves being outside playing and as soon as he was mobile he would crawl to the doors so he could go outside.
Underneath that all American boy, there is also my little prince who loves giving hugs, kisses, and cuddling. He gets his feelings hurt and is pretty sensitive to be disciplined. He for the most part responds to us telling him no (within limits, I mean they all test us) but when we do have to give time out, my heart just breaks at his cry. He says sorry in the most endearing way. My little man turned 2 on December 31, and this past weekend we celebrated his birthday with our friends and family. It was a fun time! We had a train themed party and he got a train table from us, along with some wonderful gifts from out guests. I am a very blessed wife and mother and I know each and every moment is a gift from God.. how thankful I am!