Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Neglected Blog Repost!

Playing favorites is exactly what I am doing. It is just out right silly of me to have 2 blogs, one always seems to get neglected. I am having a blast over at My Creative Pink and as I update and view my blog I see my link to Little Moos and Mommy Too. Oh, the guilt sets in but what can I do, I am busy holding a paint brush.
I know in the next two weeks life is going to change, with my Abigail entering into Kindergarten. I can't believe it. It feel like yesterday when we were celebrating her birth. Not only do I have a Kindergartener but a High School Senior and of course my little preschooler.
Noelle is back from Israel, did I even post anything about that? She went to Beit Jala, Israel to help out at the Hope Secondary School. She went with Teen Mission's International, which is an amazing organization set up to send out teens on short term missions trips. This was her second trip with them. I will come back (hopefully) and update a bit more but until then I am reposting my neglected blog post from back in 2009. I am aware of my neglect of this blog and that is the first step, admitting you have a problem!

A Blog Neglected...
September 2009

If there was a Child Protective Service (CPS) equivalent for blogs (BPS) I would be on the watch list. It is no joking matter, this poor little blog of mine has been neglected pure and simple. It sits here waiting, hoping, wishing that I will give it some words of joy, happiness, love, creativity, something, anything! Day in and day out, it waits and waits. Then I pay it a visit but I am just teasing it, taunting it if you will. I just sit there, watching it, tapping my fingers at it, staring with a blank expression on my face, and glazed over eyes. I have nothing, I can type nothing, I can leave nothing and so without a second glance back I close the computer and go on my merry way. I don't think about my little blog, I forget it is even there until I hear it's faint call to me, begging me to come back. I do come back and to the disappointment of my blog, nothing is achieved there is just an awkward silence and I leave again. Then there is a break through and hope is in my little blogs future. It is just false hope because I do not leave those precious words it so desperately wants and needs. No on that day I have tell my little blog that, after all those endless days of staring at it I realized I was tired of the way it looked, that it bored me, and it must changed. It did just that, I mean after all it is trying to earn my attention back. It changed into such a cute background with polka dots and my favorite colors. My interested was sparked but only for a moment and then I left it to sit another week, with the same old stories, same old pictures, and same old blank-glazed eyed stare..

Oh my poor little blog, I didn't start out with the intention to neglect you, you must know that. I wanted to be creative with you. Just remember it isn't you, it's me, and I will try to do better.

So don't be so sad, tomorrow is another day, with more adventures, crafts, and backgrounds, there is so much in the future, so maybe just maybe I shall visit once again, and leave you with more then my tapping fingers and my blank stare, maybe just maybe....