Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Where is the time going?

I just keep sitting here in disbelief that we are already a third of the way into May 2010. Life seems to be going 100 miles an hour and each time I blink it feels like another day has past. There have been some pretty difficult times in my life where I would have given anything for time to disappear but instead I was tortured in a slow moving hell. Melodramatic I know and of course as I look back at that time, even then life got away from me. Now I want to just breath and enjoy this beautiful and blessed life that God has given to me and yet it just keeps moving at unspeakable speed.

So what has brought me to the blog today, well lots of things...... I know I don't write on my blog often. It isn't so much a time issue (it is part of it) as it is having something to say. When I actually do sit down to write, I end up having too much to say and run out of time. The last several months have been pretty busy and filled with activity after activity. I am happy to say my family and I have found a wonderful home church. This is something that we have struggled with since John and I married almost 5 years ago. We couldn't seem to find "our" church and ended up church hopping. This wasn't a good thing because we never really committed full hearted as a family to going to church every Sunday. I was involved in bible studies for most of that time, with exception to taking time to have my babies but we didn't have the much needed fellowship that I believe our hearts and souls so desperately need. Our new church is amazing, the people are so kind, welcoming, and loving. Honestly it felt like home the first day. It is small, so you get to really know people. The greatest thing is Noelle has even expressed a great liking for this church. God really answered our prayers and I feel him calling to me in so many ways.

Well, this is probably the biggest thing going on with regards to my family... Noelle is going with Teen Missions International to Malawi, Africa on a Footwashing Mission Trip. I am really stepping out in faith with regards to allowing her to go. It almost seems surreal. I have filled out all the paperwork, gotten her passport, made calls to arrange necessary shots and yet have felt a peace about the whole thing. This is quite unusual for me, I worry and fret about everything. My family teases me and well often gets annoyed at my stress of bad things happening. Oh, I know this is not how God wants me to live and I must give these fears over to him. I pray daily for Noelle and her trip and I have commissioned others to pray daily for her. Our pastor comes up to me each time he sees me to reaffirm his commitment to pray for Noelle. He carries her prayer bookmark in his bible and prays aloud for her everyday, thank you Lord! Her trip is fast approaching, it was only a few months ago that it was 6 months away and now it is only 7 weeks away. In 7 weeks my baby is going to be getting on a plane to Florida where she will spend 2 1/2 weeks training, and then she will hop on another plane to go overseas. She will be in Malawi, Africa for 3 1/2 weeks doing various work project but mostly ministering to orphan children. She will wash their feet and give them new socks and shoes. God is sovereign over Noelle's life and I know there is power in doing the work that God has set before her. As the trip approaches, I see myself calling more fervently upon God. If you read this I ask for you to also lift my precious Noelle up in prayer. Pray for her health, travel safety, her spiritual walk and also for her fellow team members. I also think that as the trip gets closer that Satan will be out in full force against her, and I pray for him to be bound in the name of Jesus Christ. Noelle can do all things through Christ who strengthens her, and I know He will do just that!

Well there is more I can write but I am tired and should go to bed.. next time I will let you know about my ballroom dancing.. Yes, I am a ballroom dancer ( since September!) I love it, and will be participating in a Pro/Am Dancesport competition in July... so excited!

Well goodnight, and remember if you feel inclined to pray for my daughter please do so, thank you!