Monday, January 26, 2009

Finally a little bit of crafty...

Is all envy bad? I hope not because I really envy all the crafty, talented, amazingly creative people in this world. It inspires me to try my hand at new things. Of course this inspiration rarely comes to fruition but on occasion it does. I wish I had more creative juice in me and I am in awe of all the blogging mamas I come across. Where do you get it from, because I want some too!! Those juices don't flow freely for me but, I have actually made something from a tutorial that I found on-line. For the first time since starting my blog I am going to post the craft addition part of the " and mommy too". Friends of mine just welcomed a beautiful baby boy into their family. This is a huge blessing for them and I decided that I would make a gift for their son. This of course is quite ambitious since I have only sewn from my own children. I did at one point attempt to make an outfit for my friend Jennifer's little girl but my sewing machine broke and in the process the outfit got ruined. I have really enjoyed making things for my kids. I am not an expert seamstress by any means, but I am possibly a step maybe two above a novice. Everything I have made for my children has made it through the wash without falling apart, which is a good thing. This gave me a bit of confidence to make and possibly give away something to someone other then my own. Here is the problem, the gift has been sitting here for almost a week. I am hesitating in sending it for two reasons, one the confidence I had is now gone and two what if they think I am crazy for sending something handmade by me.... what to do??
Well I am going to post a few pictures of what I made, possibly to boost my confidence.
I used the cloth baby shoe tutorial from Stardustshoes found here:

and for the pants I used the Britches and Bloomers pattern by Jackie Clark Designs found here:
I would put it on my son, but do I dare send it to someone else for their little man???

Friday, January 23, 2009

A day in my life.. contest!


It has been a slow few weeks for my "little moos" but hurray I have something to blog about. Tonya from "A day in my life" is having a contest. She is giving away a Milkshake gift pack. Milkshake is a band that makes rock music for kids. I have never heard of this band but I just watched one of there videos and I loved it. Plus I just adore tutu's and the lead singer wears one. A grown women who can proudly wear a tutu and pull it off is pretty cool!! So here I am blogging about the contest as an entry... Good luck to me!!
Just as a side note, I just figured out how to link back to other sites as shown above, so I am this much ... smarter!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

From Haircut to Mascara....

I don't have much to blog about but I did want to share a couple of pictures from one cute moment and a laugh in the future moment...
I have been wanting to get Abigail's hair cut so when John mentioned he was getting one we tagged along. I told Abigail that she was going to get her hair cut and she was so excited. She waited patiently and when it was her turn she sat diagonally from John. She could see her daddy in the mirror while she was getting her hair cut. This wasn't a children's salon but Abigail did such a great job sitting still. It was just the last few minutes where she started to be get a bit restless. Her bangs are a bit short but overall I am happy with her cut. These pictures probably speak for themselves but I bought a new mascara and placed it in the diaper bag. The next morning I was getting ready to leave and walked out to see that Abigail had found it. I was lucky because Noelle had also bought some make-up remover. Doesn't she look cute with a uni brow!