Sunday, June 21, 2009

Terrific Three's!!

Abigail almost 2 weeks old!

I posted earlier today and it dawned on me why it was such a long time since I have posted. It is because my home computer is in computer heaven and I have been using a laptop. For whatever reason this laptop does weird things when I post pictures to my blog posts and I end up spending most of my time messing with pictures, then writing... anyways on to the real topic of this post and that is my little girls 3rd birthday.... I must say Abigail must think a birthday lasts all month long because, well the celebrations have been non stop. My birthday is also in June and when we went out for my birthday Abigail, kept say it was HER birthday. Her celebration started on Monday with her preschool class. I made a giant cupcake cake using Wilton's Giant Cupcake Pan, to share with her friends. Her teacher made her a birthday crown which she wore for 2 days. Everywhere we went people told her Happy Birthday. On Friday, her actual birthday we went to the zoo and when we got home there was a wonderful box of presents sent to her by Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Nancy.. I got an amazing picture of her with total excitement on her face while her daddy opened the box for her. However once I posted it I noticed that our address was on the box, blurry but still didn't want to risk that so just imagine her face all lit up with a beautiful smile.. do you see it? Okay, well this next picture is of her wearing one of her presents from her Grandparents. The present opening was a lot of fun but she had no idea what was next..
John had the great idea to take her to Chuck E. Cheese, and oh my goodness Abigail and Mason couldn't believe their eyes. I have to say I didn't remember Chuck E. Cheese the way this one was. It was so clean and had so much more to do. I had a blast just observing my children try to figure out what to do. Abigail's favorite thing was a huge play structure with tubes and slide. She did get lost in it a few times and I would have to holler up to her to help her out. Mason had fun to but the games scared him, so he mainly just ran around while we chased him. Abigail is still talking about how much fun she had at Chuck E. Cheese's. We have one more celebration and that is her birthday party. Her friends and family are coming over to have fun.. I will post pictures for that next week...
Princess Abigail!

Having fun at Chuck E. Cheese

Happy Birthday Abigail you have brought so much joy to your all of your family!

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Jennifer said...

I love that Princess dress!

Well, since you are having computer/picture problems, I wil stop harrassing you about blogging! :-)