Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mason's 1st Haircut...

I have written before about my son's beautiful curls and how obsessed I have been regarding his hair. I was determined to never cut his hair for fear he would lose all his curls. Well as you can see from the above picture, his hair has gotten a little bit out of control. Somedays his curls are perfectly formed and other days he looks like a mad scientist who stuck his finger in a socket. His hair when wet is to the middle of his back and he has a few dreadlock tangles in the back of his head. This caused me to breakdown and say that it was time to give him a little trim. I took both my camera and video camera to the salon. With my camera I only captured the before and after of the haircut, but with my video I captured it all. Mason sat on his daddy's lap while the hair stylist got to work. She had to brush his tangles out first, which he did not like. He moved around so much, I am not sure how Amy didn't cut off her fingers!!! Some how she was able to actually accomplish a decent cut. We decided to cut 1" off and after all was done we could have gone a little bit shorter.. Here is his after where he is enjoying his bribe, and I am happy to say he still has his curls!

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