Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Mason's 1st Birthday Party

Mason's birthday is tomorrow and so tomorrow I will be telling you his birth story, I know you just can't wait! This post is about his 1st party which we held on December 27. I sent out invites not really expecting many RSVP's, since it was so close to Christmas. I wasn't sure how much food to have so I bought a little extra. I knew for sure we would be there, my parents, siblings, nieces, my in-laws, and my friend Jennifer's family. As a bonus my two aunts and my cousin Gina and her family also ended up attending. I had just enough food and cake for everyone. I had planned on having the party indoors and for the most part it was, however it is hard to keep kids inside. Thank goodness for my father-in-law because he spent the morning cleaning up my backyard. It rained quite a bit here recently (something we aren't used too!) and many of the toys were filled with stinky water. Had he not done that, I don't think the kids would have been able to play outside. They really had a great time and I can still hear their laughter. It always amazes me how resilient children are because although it was a nice day with the sun shining, it was COLD. This didn't seem bother the little ones, grown-ups huddled inside with exception to a few brave ones.
Jennifer with her daughter Elsie
Jennifer's son Seth

Now, I am sure everyone will agree the best part about a 1 year old birthday party is cake time. What in the world will the little one do with the cake? We sang Happy Birthday and I gave Mason his very own smoosh cake.
I wish I could post a video because then you would be able to fully see how much he really did not like that cake. At first he touch the cake and wasn't quite sure what to think. Then he touch it a little more, made a couple of faces, and then tasted what was on his hands. At this point when my two other children had their first birthday they dug into their cakes, not Mason. He actually seemed to get mad and started to swipe away the cake, and each time he did this he seemed to get more frustrated that the cake was still there. Absolutely priceless! I know you won't remember this birthday Mason, but you had a great time!
As a side note I just looked at the clock and it was about this time last year I decided I just might be in labor.. more on that tomorrow. Goodnight!

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