Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Little Train Goes Chuga Chuga Chu Chu....

The majority of this post is going to be about our trip to Balboa Park and the San Diego Model Train Museum, however I did want to give a shout out to our Thanksgiving Holiday. We spent it with my family in LA and the kiddos had a great time playing with their cousins. I didn't get any post worthy pictures. Wouldn't you think my nice camera could have at least shot one nice picture... Oh well, I still love Turkey Day!
Just found from Turkey Day: Abigail aka Hannah Montana
Okay, on to our fabulous day at Balboa Park. Now this was a day (Saturday after Thanksgiving) that everyone decided to take a trip to Balboa. Parking was scarce and it was a good thing my husband was with us because he was the who had to park and park he did! I could not believe the curbside parking spot he go us. A tiny car pulled out and my husband eased us into that spot like it was nothing. I would have never attempted to park there and of course when we got out I looked and saw that there was plenty of space between our car and the other cars.. I need to get some parking glasses (is there such a thing?) Here is the kicker of the whole parking situations, there was a truck bigger then our van with a spot bigger then our spot that was trying to park just a few cars back. He was there way before us, and by the time he finished parking we had our stroller out, kids unloaded, and were heading for some fun. Hubby you are my hero!!
We stopped at the playground first where Mason enjoyed a few handfuls of sand, and several trips down the slide with mommy.

Only decent picture of me...
Abigail was a little bit timid at first which is unusual but then she too went out and enjoyed this great playground. Noelle was off at a table reading her "Twilight" book for the 100th time... (please someone tell me what is it with this Twilight phenomenon).
On to the Train Museum, I cannot begin to tell you how surprised and overjoyed I was at how much fun not only Abigail but Mason had here. The museum has steps the kids can climb up to see the trains and Abigail couldn't get up those steps fast enough. Each time a train would pass she did a little "chuga chuga chu chu dance" absolutely priceless.

Abigail enjoying the little trolley passing by
The "Chuga Chuga chu chu dance..
At one point the excitement was too much and she fell head first down the stairs. She was not hurt, but was sure surprised. She cried for about 5 minutes then went on into the playroom. This was the best and we spent a good portion of our time in this room. There were three train tables set up, plus blocks, books, and other toys. Mason got right in there with the big kids.

All tuckered out!
I have decided that I want one of those train tables for my kiddos of course finding the room and the money may be an issue. The trains on the other hand will be a little easier since my mother-in-law just told me she has trains she can send us. So once I get them I will post pictures. I highly recommend Balboa Park and The San Diego Model Train Museum for a family outing...

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* TONYA * said...

I am dying to take Flynn to the train museum, we've never been and he's totally into trains right now, I bet he would love it.

I'm always too scared to attempt 'little' parking spots too. It gets so crazy there. I've gone down there a couple of times, driven around for 20 minutes, given up on parking and gone home. Now we try to get there super early