Monday, October 27, 2008

Fun at the Pumpkin Patch

Abigail's 1st pony ride 2008

Mason's 1st trip to the Pumpkin Patch
My1st time on a horse... never again
Honeymoon 2005

We had such a great time at the pumpkin patch. Of course the one having the most fun was Abigail. She went on a pony ride, into a big jumper, slide, and so much more. For me watching her on the pony ride was my favorite. I wasn't sure she would even want to go on a pony, but she walked into the carousel area with such confidence. There were 4 ponies and of course I was going to put her on the smallest one. She wasn't going to have any of that, she wanted to go on the white pony (largest). It brought me back to my honeymoon where I went on my first and last horse back riding adventure. We were in beautiful Maui and got tickets to go horse back riding. I was so nervous but I trusted that many people have gone on these trips and I would do just fine. I think I was in a blissful honeymoon cloud!! I think the guides could sense that I was new to the whole horseback riding experience. Looking back I wonder what could have given it away, that fact that I was sweating bullets, shaking uncontrollably, or possibly me not wanting to go near the horse.... anyways they gave me a horse named Will Smith. This horse I was told was on Maui time and he would be perfect for me. Well, Will Smith was a bit crazy if you ask me. He bolted forward twice, once while we were on a ledge. When he bolted forward it caused the horse in front of me to buck, then of course my horse brought up it's front legs. Just typing this my heart is racing!!! I survived, but it was the longest 50 minutes of my life. I could not get off that horse fast enough and of course I was the second to the last horse in the group. What does that have to do with seeing Abigail up on the pony? It makes me want to make sure my children experience life with no fear. Of course I want them to be smart and safe, but I don't want them to have the fears that I have. This is difficult because in order for them to experience certain things in there childhood, I must experience these things along with them. I have a huge fear about camping, but what a great thing for children to do. I have a fear of the ocean, but Abigail love water. I have a fear about hiking (mountain lions, wild life) but Abigail loves outdoors. Why am I so afraid? I think partly it is just who I am, but mostly it is the unknown. These are not things I grew up doing. I think having a husband who loves being outdoors is going to help and me just giving it to God, He is after all in control .. o.k. back to the pumpkin patch. I took Abigail into the petting zoo, which wasn't her favorite. She had a blast in the jumper and on the big slide, her and John went on it for 15 minutes. I wish I would have had my camera out while she was on the slide, because she made a little friend. She would wait at the top, and grab onto his hand. Together they would slide down to the bottom, actually they were half sliding and have tumbling. Seeing John come down the slide was quite amusing too. Mason, didn't have as much fun. He pretty much just hung out with mom, observing all that was going on around us. Next year little man! We left the pumpkin patch without any pumpkins, but the kids didn't notice... What a fun day, or as Abigail would say "Fun at the pumpkins, mama"

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Jennifer said...

Thanks for the tip on the cute backgrounds. Something new for me to play around with.

We will have to get you back on a horse soon. Like I said, I have only been on ours once since Kya was born, so I am hoping to ride again someday soon. When I do, you can come out and ride with us. Arasa is a very gentle horse and is the one the kids ride, so she would do great with you too.