Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Tree 2009..

I don't think I have ever enjoyed decorating a Christmas Tree as much as I did last night. This year Abigail is really getting into the Christmas spirit. She is enjoying all the lights on the houses and everyday asks if it is "Christmas Time" and that she wants "Christmas Stuff, Lot's of lights, and a deer!" I have been telling her that Christmas is Jesus' birthday, to which she replies "Mason's too". His birthday is December 31, so she knows it is close.

My color theme is Brown & Gold. We bought a few boxes from Walmart and Abigail was the official person to place the hooks on the ornaments and she did it with such diligence. Mason just took all the ball ornaments spread them out, shoved them in the tree, picked them up from here and put them over there, let's just say I am thankful for Shatterproof ornaments!! Noelle put ornaments on the tree and we bought this glitter swirly sticks that she placed all around the tree. Once the colored themed ornaments and ribbon were on the tree, we continued to adorn it with our sentimental ornaments collected over the years. I have realized I have many or Noelle but I am lacking them for Abigail and Mason.
Our tree is huge!! I think it is about 8 feet tall. It really was a wonderful family moment for me!!

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Mrs. B said...

That really is a huge tree, but its beautiful! The kids look so small standing in front of it! haha!