Saturday, November 21, 2009

Catching up...getting stuck, Homecoming, and Snow White..

My poor little man, I can't imagine what he is going to think when he grows up and looks at all his baby, toddler pictures. He may in fact disown me!! Why you ask? Let's start off with these first pictures...Abigail is always dressing up in her pretty dress-up dresses and Mason usually brings me a dress so he can play too.. I am not worried, he is a baby and this makes for great stories for his future girlfriends. So instead of worry I do what any good mother would do.. I dress him up and take pictures!!!
I also don't know how, but Mason managed to get himself stuck in this doll's baby carriage. I again did what any good mother would do when their child is in distress..I took pictures!!!
Some how some way I need to get Noelle to take pictures with out tilting her head!! This is the best picture I got of her and her friend Marcus the night of the homecoming dance.. my girl is growing up..

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Jennifer said...

Noelle looks so pretty! What happened to that little girl she used to be? They grow up way to fast! The boy she is with looks scared to death! ha ha ha

Seth wore Kya's Sleeping Beauty costume the other week, but only for a few minutes and I didn't get any pictures. I guess it is all normal when these boys are growing up with sisters!