Friday, April 17, 2009

How many candles fit on a cupcake??

Even though I haven't blogged since March 20th, life still continued and once again I find myself with way to much to post. So I went through and chose my daughter's birthday as the re-entry post to my blog. Noelle turned 15 on March 4th, which is something I still can't believe.. I have a 15 year old!!! We had a backyard party for her a few weeks later and it was so much fun. Not only did my family come but she had a bunch of her friends show up as well. I had a house full of teenagers and a ton of food. Of course none of the teens ate the food because they couldn't possibly eat in front of each other... teenagers!! Noelle had such a great time, she felt so special with all her friends surrounding her..

Here are the girls, Noelle is the one in the flannel shirt, which by the way is a big fashion thing with the girls, and yes I was in high school during the grunge phase of fashion.. full circle!!

and the boys!

My house full of teenagers!!

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