Saturday, November 29, 2008

Urrgg.. Not Today!

Don't you hate when you make time for something and it doesn't happen? I haven't had anything to post about with exception to my friend Jennifer and her children's visit. This was a fun day in which neither of us brought out our cameras. Tonight was the night I was going to update my blog with some beautiful pictures of my "Little Moos". Unfortunately my camera battery had other plans. Not a big deal, I can just do it tomorrow right? Um I don't thinks so, since I am completely overwhelmed with activities to post: Abigail's first dance class, Thanksgiving, todays visit to Balboa Park, The Train Museum, and tomorrow we are heading to Sea World. How did I go from almost nothing to post to too much to post? And why oh, why didn't I post as the events happened? As I sit here typing I am wondering if I should just make one post or draw it out a few days. I am certain it will be the latter since writing about the day, feeding the kids, downloading pictures, getting the kids dressed, editing my post, changing a diaper (or two), and of course what ever else is needed hugs&kisses proves to take up most of my time.
I wanted to post something and I couldn't let a camera battery deter me, so this is my post promising something much better in the days to come!

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Jennifer said...

Don't get too frustrated. You will get it all posted and your loyal followers will just have to patiently wait. Or you can do what I do and stay up for all hours at night just to get my blog up to date! LOL

Wanna talk to you about the dance class and where you found one that doesn't require the child to be potty trained.